Monday, January 14, 2008

Yes, yes 200 pins pin!

Today at last I obtained my 200 pins pin….

Tonight at the bowling at the Monday night league it went fantastic! The first game was rather nice 168 pins, but at 2nd the game it went really great and before I even realized it I made a 220 pins game! Months after months I didn’t succeed in doing that, I had games of 199, 198 just could not get that 200 game, yes you have to get 200 pins to get this little pin. This time it was even a lot more than 200, 220, I almost got the next reward the 225 pins pin! Also the 3rd game went pretty nice I made a 213 pins game, and again I got over the 200.

Hope that I make such great games in about 2 weeks. Then I’ll have to play the finals in a very big tournament that will be all the way in Eindhoven (south part of the Netherlands). To that tournament we from my bowling club will go there by coach that will be paid by the sponsor, so cool man!

Well have to stop writing now, have to finish my French essay for school … bye, see you later!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Hoilidays are over!

The English book which I had read for school.

Today it is already the last day of the Christmas holidays; tomorrow I’ll have to go to school again. The holidays were great. I bought an XBOX 360 from the money Grandpa Frans gave me for Christmas. That is such a cool thing man! I also bought a tennis game and race game called PRO Street, so cool man!

There was more than enough time during the holidays to play with my new XBOX and try out all my new games. One day I had to do my home work. I had 3 tasks. For French I had to make a small essay, for history an essay about Zeus and for English I had to read a book in English.

For English I had read the book Claws from John Landon. That was rather difficult but mom has helped me. It was a very exciting book. It was about a man that was a cook but he could not work in an ordinary kitchen, which was so boring to him. He was crazy about the mountains and for this reason he went along as a cook on an expedition with a professor to look for a monster with very big claws that lived in the mountains, so very exciting that book man!

Well I’ve to stop writing now I’ll have to help Dad, we have to carry some couches and bring them to Piet our neighbor’s working address…..bye… see you later!

Happy New Year!

I wish you all a very happy New Year!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bloemendaal Beach!

Just throwing the tennisball at Bo….

Today I worked on my home work almost the entire day….Tomorrow I’m having 2 tests, one English test and one French test, pppfffhhh... pages full of words to learn...... Man I became so stuffy by that….

After all that work we nicely went to the beach in Bloemendaal. Man that was great! Bo loved it! We had taken along a tennis ball and Bo was running after that ball all the time. Sometimes he went into the sea and it looked as if he didn’t notice at all he was standing in the water up to his mouth just to catch the ball. He went in and out of the water as if it was one of those things he is doing every day over and over again, so beautiful man!

Digging the ball… so cool man…......

We walked quite a long part along the beach in the direction of Zandvoort…..

Here we are on our way back to the top of the dune...

Bo continued running in the sand, kept on running after his ball…..

After we climbed back up the dune we had a nice cup of pea soup with some French bread just to become warm again at the restaurant Parnassia on top of the dune…. man that was so delicious!

Bo was really tired after all that running when we came home, he is sleeping right now at the couch!
Go now, have to rise at 6.00 AM tomorrow….bye….later!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


The pizza before it went into the oven…..

Tonight I made dinner. I could choose what we all would have and so I therefore I choose a pizza. At first I rolled out the dough and then I had put on the tomato sauce. After that I did some special pizza cheese on it and salami, onions, small tomatoes, anchovy and basil. Man what did that pizza look great!

That’s how my pizza looked like when it came out of the oven………

mmmmmmm.... It was pretty nice ……next week I’ll make another one!

Go and watch TV now…..bye…later!

Pay my respects!

Here I’m signing (pay my respects to those who have lost their lives for our freedom) the visitor’s book at the Canadian cemetery.....

Many people did that before me! Before me there were 2 boys from Haarlem, which I thought was quite a coincidence.... (Almost the area I come from)

Here is the little cottage at the entrance of the cemetery where I have signed the book.....


Holten Canadian War Cemetery!

The entrance of the Canadian War Cemetery...... Quite near our park (where we rented our cottage) there was a very large Canadian cemetery.

It really is a very big and beautiful cemetery.

The stairs which leads you to the cemetery...

Here where buried 1355 Canadian soldiers who lost their lives in the Second World War when they liberated The Netherlands from the German occupation.

At the left side of the photo, that’s me with Bo walking to the fields where all grave tombs are…. ...

Many tomb stones... all next to each other and beside each one there are plants and flowers, so beautiful man!

1393 people.... fields and fields filled with tomb stones.... and more tomb stones…..

and more tomb stones.........

That’s me with Bo…., he is sniffing everywhere....

Dad examining the monument....

It was very impressive, all those graves.... and think of the fact that there are more Dutch cemeteries where Canadian soldiers from the Second World War are buried….....


Back home again!

The forest in Holten….

Yesterday afternoon we arrived back home again. Man it really was cool in Holten! What I liked the most was the fire place in our cottage; we made a big fire in it every day! That was so cool man, especially the last day when we had the biggest fire because we had to finish all wood. Dad and I made one big fire; it was hot in the room man!

We did quite a lot in Holten and the park where we were staying was great and beautiful and the cottage was also very pretty.

This was our cottage, really in the middle of in the forest.....

This is the centre of the park, there was a shop and a restaurant....

We also visited the Holterberg (Holter Mountain), man what a mountain that was, 194 feet high! We didn’t even saw it when we reached the top of the mountain; we were going down without noticing it at all, but it was beautiful there, lots and lots of trees all colored red almost an Indian Summer in the Netherlands…

We have also been to a Canadian Cemetery , where Canadian soldiers are buried who have died in The Netherlands during The second World War between 1939 and 1945. There I’ll be writing about later on…..

Here a beautiful photo of a couple of mushrooms in our garden at our cottage in Holten.....

It was great in Holten, but being back home again is also very nice..... Later!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Autumn holidays!

The Holterberg (Holter mountain)......

The autumn holidays are there. Man it really were busy weeks these last weeks! Home work, home work and more home work.....

Thursday I had the big school party, which was pretty cool man! All DJ's preformed there, so cool man. But at 11.30PM there was a voice through the microphone that said that all the kids from 1th and 2sd grade had to leave and go home. The party went on for the older kids from my school.

The following morning I had to go to school again, but in the afternoon I was rather tired man. But now there are the autumn holidays and tomorrow we are leaving for the forest. We are going to Overijssel this time to Holten at the Holterberg (the Holten moutain). The highest mountain of the Netherlands, 37 miles high they say. I'll love to go there, just some running arround with Bo in the forrest!

Go now and go to play outside for awhile...bye... see you later..


Aunt Suus with her scooter.....

A few days ago I got a couple of photographs from aunt Suus from Canada... Isn’t she a tough girl?

Here she is with her entry party....

It had to place a couple of photos on my blog….


Friday, October 05, 2007

New bowlingball!

Wooouuuuwww... isn’t it beautiful!

This afternoon after school we have been to Jos Goedhart’s bowling shop and did buy a new bowling ball. I needed a new ball (said the coach) a half side ball, with which you can throw the ball with special effect and with a fingertip grip. That is a grip with which fingers are only inserted into the ball as far as the first joint, it increases the distance between the thumb and fingers, thus giving a brief extra time difference between the thumb and fingers being released, which allows the fingers to give more lift, so imparting more revolutions to the ball.

Fortunately Jos had that ball in stock so he immediately made it fit to my hand. That lasted pretty long, he had to measure my fingers a few times and I had to try it all the time. It all succeeded very well. Immediately after the bowling ball was finished we went the bowling house, I had to try it out! So I played a few games for awhile and it went better than I could ever expect. Man what a cool ball, I threw a 179 game, so great and that with a new ball!

Go now, will watch some TV for awhile….bye… later!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

KLV Party!

Ticket for the party in the Patronaat...

A few days ago I bought a ticket at school for the school party which will be next week Thursday in the Patronaat in Haarlem.

The Patronaat...

That will be such a cool party man! DJ Roog, DJ Chuckie and Gary's Nooga will perform there, so cool man! I can hardly wait till next Thursday.

Go now, have to do my homework tomorrow I’m having a English test….. bye… later!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

First game!

Yesterday I had my first bowling game for the region championships. Rather cool man! We played at our bowling house here in the Haarlemmerliede. My team and I became 6th , not bad eh for a first time?

Next time we'll have to play somewhere else in a bowling house in Huizen. Exciting man! Go now, I’ll have to rise pretty early tomorrow at 6.15 AM, it’s just an ordinary school day.....


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Grandpa's birthday!

Today September 26th is Grandpa’s birthday!

Yeeeaahh .... Only Grandpa is not there, he and Grandma are in Spain! So Grandpa happy birthday!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marijke's birthday!

Today September 25th is Marijke’s birthday!

Marijke Happy birthday!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


The entire group, 77 children, 3
1st grade classes....

I'm standing somewhere in the back, can you me find? The rest of the photographs you can find on the Internet site of my school.

It was splendid in Orvelte, we did quite a lot there. We had to make a lot of assignments, drawings and much more. Also we have cycled a lot, to Westerbork and went to bed very, very late. We did not go to bed one night before 1.30 AM. Man what was I tired when I came home, I went to bed at 7 o'clock and slept till the next moring 8.15 AM. At 9 o'clock we had to be at school again to work on our assignments again, but at 1 o'clock school was out again.

In the afternoon Mark came by and at 8 o'clock that evening I went to bed again and slept pretty long again. Man it was great Orvelte, but afterwards You'll have to sleep...long...very long....... Now I'll go upstairs to do my homework for tomorrow.... bye..... see you later!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Back home again!

Our arrival at school this afternoon at 3.30 PM….

It was a great project’s week.... but now I’m so very, very tired. Go to bed now.... Bye…later!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

School project week!

De Borckerhof in Orvelte....

Here I'm again! Was very busy last week. For the first time I had a whole week school at my new school and got lots of homework to do. French, English and much more.

In the morning I'll have to go to school at 7.15 AM and come home at 3.45 in the afternoon. Than I'll have to do my homework and before I know it it's dinner time. But it is quite nice at my new school. Tomorrow we're going on a school project week trip to Orvelte in Drente. There we will do a lot of assignments in Westerbork.

Well go to bed now, have to rise at 5.45 AM have to be at school at 7.15 because the coach to Orvelte will leave at 7.30 AM tomorrow morning... bye.. see you in a week! .

Sunday, September 02, 2007


This is the cooling tower at the Kalkar nuclear reactor, its more than 148 feet high, this nuclear reactor never ever worked…... It was completed in 1985, but there were so many protests in the country that the government in 1995 decided to close Kalkar for ever and now it’s turned into a “Theme park”.

Friday afternoon after school we immediately left for Germany to Kalkar where Grandma and Grandpa gave their 50th anniversary party. Man what did it take long before we finally arrived there; it took us 3 hours to get there, one traffic-jam after another. When we arrived there Grandpa and Grandma were waiting for us at the entrance of the hotel.

After we had put the luggage in our rooms we immediately went to the restaurant where we had a drink and a nice bite to eat. Man there was lots and lots of food and you could choose what ever you wanted to eat and you could go as much to those food-tables as you wanted. I went back every time to those tables, sometimes to get a nice fish and sometimes to get a nice ice-cream…..... great man!

After awhile Ruud and Femke and the children also arrived and we all had a nice dinner. After dinner we gave Grandpa and Grandma their present. We had made a very large bride and groom basket with in it 50 presents for all the years they are married. Grandpa and Grandma loved it!

The present we gave Grandpa and Grandma....

After the present we have been to the cellar of the hotel where we had a drink.

Here we are in the cellar bar of the hotel......

Saterday morning we had a delicious breakfast, there was so much to eat that it was imposable to try everything… .. mmmmm.... it was all great.

After the breakfast there was a guided tour around the park. It was a pity I could not follow the guide it was all in German I couldn’t understand a word of it. I however, did see the cooling tower (photograph 1) from the inside which was pretty cool man, there was a great echo in there!

The cooling tower from the inside... it's completely empty now...

The upper part of the tower seen from the inside of the tower…......

After the visit to the tower I have been with Kim, Roy and Michiel to the theme park and we went in the roller coaster more than 6 times, that’s so cool man!

Here are Dad and Grandma leaving the tower and here you’ll have a very nice view over the entire park.

Here we are all in the roller coaster; I’m sitting in the second carriage with the dark pullover on.... Man that went fast!

Afterwards are we went racing… man that went fast. Here I’m in the I first car.

After that we watched Ruud and Roy they went drag racing. Those racecars go so fast man they go from 0 to 63 miles per hour in 3 seconds and that on a special track. That is so cool man I have never seen that before. You must really drive that car accelerate and change gears by yourself, you really drive a real racecar. To bad that I wasn’t allowed to drive such a car you’ll have to be 15 to do so. Roy was lucky; he just turned 15 a few months ago so he was allowed to drive! Roy did very well; he became first in one race, great eh?

Here Roy in its own racecar just beside his father... Roy won that race....

After the dragrace Michiel, Rand Femke went Quad driving all through the mud......

This photograph was taken by Mom just before we went home and the exit from the theme park.

Man it really was fantastic weekend, much food and drinks the entire day as much as you liked and riding the roller coaster... what a great, great time I had.

Grandpa and Grandma Thanks for the fantastic, great, great weekend, I want to go back there!

But now I’ll go upstairs to bed… must rise at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning, yes just an ordinary school day tomorrow…. bye…see you later!

Friday, August 31, 2007

50th Anniversary!

Today its Grandpa and Grandma 50th anniversary! Grandpa and Grandma happy Anniversary!

This afternoon we will all leave, Grandpa, Grandma, Ruud, Femke and the kids, for a weekend to Germany to Kalkar to celebrate their anniversary. Well, Grandpa and Grandma will see you in Germany this afternoon!